Mother fucks like a Xvideos pornstar, daughter is an asexual fart

I believe that only a global sexual revolution can bring about a global economic recovery.

My girlfriend doesn’t like to drink my semen, she claims that it tastes bitter, she has no idea that her mother finds it too sweet. I don’t know who is telling the truth here, but there is no way that I am going to tell either of the two that they both have tasted it and they have differing opinions about the same. Her mother is a much better fuck than herself. She doesn’t throw any tantrums like her daughter, who wouldn’t even have anal sex with me, let alone ass-to-mouth. I have tried everything to trying to convince her to have anal sex with me like they have in the Xvideos movies, but the bitch wouldn’t listen, and I cannot even complain to her mother about it but rather have anal sex with the mother.

I wish to have sex with my girlfriend’s mother at least couple of times a day, but her husband (my girlfriend’s father) is always in the house and he has an idea that his aging wife, who still looks better than most college girls is a neighborhood whore. He wouldn’t leave the house and when he does, he mostly leaves it with his wife. What a fucking family!

The mother likes to fuck everyone around, the daughter wouldn’t even have anal sex with the boyfriend. Millennials suck!

I would like to end this post by saying that there is no reason to buy any other car than a Morgan if one wants to buy a vintage car, and there is no reason for me to fuck my girlfriend if I could fuck her mother every time I were horny. Both daughter and mother suck, but mother does it much better.

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