Now fuck your pregnant wife like a pornstar with the help of my free tips

I have been busy bashing the Happeh of the infamous Happeh Theory lately and that’s why I haven’t been writing much here.

I love to eat chicken, fuck my wife doggystyle, roar like a Lion doing it, that’s the reason why they call my current neighborhood a jungle for top-notch hoes.

I have been eating a lot of rooster meat lately and let me tell you something which you may already be aware of and that is that, eating the rooster meat has really reduced the refractory period for me like no other thing ever could. Now, I don’t need any naps after fucking my wife for several times in a day.

Even several of my regular readers didn’t have an idea that I was so great at sex until they read the free e-Book that I wrote offering sex tips. It has had over 24000 downloads within only a couple of months and without any sort of advertisement at all.

I have also offered many tips to fuck your pregnant wife safely like they do in the pregnant porn movies, which I am certain that will help you all.

I recently came across a blogger on a Discord sex server, who told me that the women with Welsh ancestry are the most prone to cheating and he sounded so confident making his claim. I have been extremely afraid since then, because my wife is nothing but 100% Welsh. I would have asked her for a divorce if I didn’t have enough confidence on my sexual prowess.

This Discord dude also claimed to know tons of history and told me that the King Solomon aka Jedidiah of the United Kingdom of Israel was a bisexual guy who used to suck his own dick right in the presence of his wives and concubines.

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