Drink Water Off A Clay Pot Before Making Love To Any Of Those Bootylicious Copenhagen Escorts And See The Magic Happen

I lived in India for a couple of years to learn the art of tantric sex. I met several fraud and several genuine tantric sex gurus there. One such guru told me that drinking the water of the River Ganga or Yamuna of India reduces the libido of both men and the women and hence, I should never do that. He also told me that is the main reason why the Hindus take bath in Ganga and/or Yamuna river(s) in an effort to become pious, especially after the death of one of their beloved ones or after they take an oath of celibacy or chastity. He also observed there that some Hindu saints/sages, don’t do anything but take rounds after rounds of the River Ganges all day all night long.

One tantric guru told him that drinking water out of clay pot strengthens the kidneys of a man, which in turn increases a man’s libido and also reduces the refractory period. And in case of a tantric man like himself who doesn’t ejaculate at all, he told him that drinking water out of a clay pot would rather make the man become a superhuman after each sexual session, which I can personally attest as when I was in Sao Paulo, Brazil last year, I didn’t ejaculate even once in any of those gorgeous escorts in Copenhagen and it was too hard to, as they were so delicious.

Each time I made love to a bootylicious eskort without ejaculating, I felt a special sort of energy which I never ever felt before and also it made me so creative that it was the first time that I ever initiated writing a book.