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Shortly after finding that their Air Conditioner is not working, Romeo and Juliet called on Aircon Servicing. Aircon servicing companies are everywhere in plenty but how to find a reliable one. There are several books written explaining how to repair yourself, but they are all useless. Nobody unless an electrician can repair his/her Air Conditioner himself or herself with a book’s help.

You can’t even repair an Air Conditioner if you are a psychologist or a face reader and the A/C repair guy is standing in front of you thinking about what is needed to be done in order to repair the A/C. An Air Conditioner has become so important in the modern day that you don’t care about the huge electricity bill that it generates, you just go on availing its cool air.

Even in the third-world countries today, if a residential building has 50 apartments, out of 50, at least 40 would have at least one Air Conditioner in their home, and I am not talking about a portable A/C or something like that, but a proper split or a window A/C.

I enjoyed the services of a South Goa escort service agency in 2018 and I was surprised to see that they had a 2 ton Air Conditioner in each of the rooms in the bungalow.

In the Europe, they don’t need an A/C, please mark the word “don’t need” an Air Conditioner to cope up with the heat, they can easily do without an Air Conditioner but still each house has an A/C in each room, and then they say that global recession is taking over. What kind of a recession is it, would someone explain to me?

I am starting a computer peripheral company and a Bakunyuu would be my brand ambassador

Today when I was listening to ‘Keep Doing That’ by Rick Ross featuring R Kelly, I was reminded of sexy Bakunyuu porn all the time.

Last night, I had a wet dream where the Hentai pornstar Amanee was licking my balls and I came between her tits. Somethings are worth fighting for, some whores never die in the minds of their wankers or fuckers and Amanee is on the top list for me in that case.

I was born into a family of pimps and prostitutes and I proved it when during my first sex, I broke the vaginal walls of the chick I was fucking.

I lived in Russia for quite a long time and believe you me, I never saw a woman better looking than Amanee there.

If it were up to me, I would choose a woman who looks like Amanee as the chief of the army in order to increase the spirit and testosterone levels of the soldiers. Just a glimpse of this bitch would raise their testosterone levels by up to 300%.

I firmly believe that a pussy smells better than any perfume on earth and even though I never got the opportunity to smell someone who looks like Amanee’s pussy ever in my life, I can still say that it smells better than any other pussy in the world.

I am thinking about starting a company that will manufacture computer peripherals and will offer 2 year warranty on each product and I will hire Amanee lookalike as the brand ambassador of the company.

One of my friends saw the MILF pornstar Alyssa Lynn at the Times Square, NYC. He says that Alyssa Lynn was the center of attention there although Katy Perry was also there at Times Square at that time along with the Kim Jong-Un and Donald Trump clone.

Grocery store owner from Thailand makes enough money with his small store to hire the topmost Foreign escorts in Goa

Anuman started a petty grocery store with the money his parents gave him. Anuman never liked to study and it was his age to go to the college. He successfully completed the school, but he was not ready to study any further at any cost. His parents tried to persuade him a lot but he wouldn’t listen.

Finally, Anuman’s parents agreed and provided him with all the money he asked for. He took a shop on rent on a popular street and all-in-all, it took him 750, 000 Thai Bahts (22, 750 US Dollars) to open the store. He even had an inauguration. The store started getting customers the very first day. One thing must be said about Anuman’s store that it had it all. It was the best store that one could open for the amount of money Anuman spent.

The store was doing very well for the first couple of months and everyone in Anuman’s family was more than happy. The honeymoon period was finally over now, there were lizards everywhere in the store now. Anuman was only 19 years old and he had an issue. He was very clumsy, shy and would feel weak if he told someone about a problem he had no solution for. He didn’t tell anybody about the lizards all around his store until he had to finally shut down his store as no customers were now willing to come to his store. The children wouldn’t come to his store, the adults wouldn’t come to his store, nobody wanted to be surrounded by the ugly and filthy lizards. One friend of Anuman told about a herbal product available for taking care of lizards available with Shopee. Anuman bought one and finally got rid of all the lizards that were bothering him day and night.

You would be surprised to know that Anuman makes enough money with his store that it allows him to hire the topmost Foreign escorts in Goa, which is amazing as they start from USD 300 per hour.

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The moment you type on Google “how to”, one of the first terms that you see is “how to make money online”. Everybody in the world in almost every corner of the world is looking on ways to make money online, some want to do it full time while the others want to do it part-time. Whatever it is, one thing is for sure that it is not easy if you don’t know what you are doing. Even if you know what you are doing, it is never easy. You have to go on a war with millions and millions of people around the world who too are trying to make a buck for themselves or their family through the internet.

Consider yourself lucky if you have found this article by accident or you were particularly looking for Google SERP API, because I don’t like to brag but this article is very likely to change your life forever. You are going to hire the top notch Mumbai Russian escorts with the help of the information you are going to receive through this article, believe me you.

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Motivational Speaker is going to spend half of his wealth on female escorts, thanks to X Animal

Griffin (name changed) used to be a broke motivational speaker. Yes, most motivational speakers are broke. They tell you all the useless techniques that never work. Their time management lectures are the biggest waste of time. Just search on the Youtube for “Motivational Speaker” and you will see thousands of those. 99% of the motivational speakers don’t even have their own car. They all travel in a bus or some other public transport.

Griffin like all the other motivational speakers spoke so confidently to his audience, while in reality he was broke like all other motivational speakers. Every single one person in the audience would cheer up when they heard his name, it was obvious, because most of them were paid audience. Griffin’s Youtube earnings and the money he earned by the tickets sold weren’t enough to cover the expenses, but the hope of becoming another Anthony Robbins, Jim Rohn, Les Brown, Zig Ziglar or Brian Tracy kept him going.

Griffin’s family was upset with him. They knew that Griffin is never going to succeed on this path and he will never be another Anthony Robbins or Jim Rohn. His girlfriend left him for a guy who owns a Ferrari. She didn’t like going on dates in a metro train.

Griffin approached many other women but they all rejected him. After Griffin lost all the hopes, he tried buying lottery tickets. Instead of investing in paid audience, Griffin would now spend all his money on television draws. Griffin was lucky, he won 1.6 million US Dollars after only investing 3000 US Dollars.

After winning the jackpot, Griffin is confused where to invest the money. His family wants him to invest it in the real estate, Griffin personally wants to invest half of it in growing his motivational business and half in the escorts since he has got that wild animal libido now since he started taking X Animal, he says that he is never dating again, his previous relationship was so bad that he has lost all hopes with dating.

Use telepathy to communicate with your big ass MILF wife to know whether she is in the need of some dick at the moment

The porn industry has really come very far. A fitness freak pornstar and escort told me that she had to go through a written examination before being auditioned practically for her first movie. She told me that over 88% of the female candidates fail the written examination that they take and the percentage of failures is even higher for the male candidates whether it be for the written or practical examination. Passing both the written and practical examination were inevitable for this big ass MILF, she is really smart and wonderful in bed. She also told me that she keeps experimenting with different diets all the time.

One good friend of mine who worked for the CIA in the past told me that the ratio of crossdressers has greatly reduced a lot since the internet porn has come into the picture. He like myself believes that the interest in crossdressing has its roots in unsatiated sexual desires and it was at its peak in the 1970s and 1980s when sexually stimulating videos and pictures were everywhere but it was widely believed that masturbation is bad. The medical doctors proved the belief long ago but the belief stayed for too long. Even today such a stupid belief exists in the minds of a great percentage of the population of the earth, especially in the third world countries.

This Ex-CIA agent friend of mine learnt meditation techniques by an Indian yogi and he claims that he can talk to his loved ones through telepathy. He claims that he can meditate for 4 minutes sitting in any part of the world and tell whether his wife is horny tonight or not, even without talking to her through telepathy or some other means.

Can you imagine a happy nation where there is not much sexual activity going on all the time?

One of the dudes that I hated back in the school but he is a good friend of mine now, started a battery wholesale business which is mainly dependent upon eBay and Amazon for most of the sales. This friend of mine tells me that the previous business which he was involved in involved a lot of dealings with the beautiful women personally but generated very little profits. He says that he really misses meeting women like he did before and that’s the reason why his usage of XXX Video and Escorts has been on a rise ever since. He also got divorced last year. You would be surprised to know that I met him about 8 months ago at a Bangkok massage parlor which was a total co-incidence. I didn’t see him for over a decade until then. We both were really glad meeting each other and enjoyed visiting different massage parlors of Thailand for the next few days that we were there.

Last Thursday, I wrote this escort parody song based on Ace of Base’s Happy Nation:-

“Topmost escorts,

Hiring the topmost escorts,

Where the stunning beauty,

Arrives to your hotel room right on time,

And opens the zip of your pants,

A situation leading to sweet salvation.

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We are having sexy time,

Big Dicks by big men that long last,

And over time we have learned from the past,

That no man alone is enough for his woman,

A man will survive for the next 24 hours.

We are having fun with the escorts,

It does cost a lot,

Tell them we don’t remember how many we hired till date,

It is never too late,

You can have some fun,

Don’t become a Catholic nun or marry one,

Topmost escorts will come to you,

And they will strip for you.”

Army Officer’s wife got an offer to work for British Porn Videos and the officer who also happens to be my good friend is proud of it

I have a friend who is in the army, his wife does stripping and sometimes also offers escort services as well. My friend knows about it all and he says that he is completely okay with it as long as she provides her sex like a maniac when he is back home, brings tens of thousands dollars per month home and they don’t have any children. She even got an offer to work in British Porn Videos, but my friend told her not to work in any porn movie because he doesn’t want his future children to know that their mother sold her body for the money. He wants his children to grow up thinking that both their parents are saintlike.

This friend of mine even once found his nephew fucking his wife. He told them to enjoy and how sorry he was to interrupt them on the spot. He even gave some advice to his nephew after they were done and told him that he can fuck his wife whenever they are both ready and willing. The nephew told him that he doesn’t like thick chicks and he would really appreciate it if his aunt (my army friend’s wife) loses some weight. The nephew asked his uncle to encourage his wife to join some gym or health club in order to lose some weight.

I have also banged the wife of this friend of mine and because I had banged my wife already several times the same day before banging her, my dick wasn’t stiff. She told me while giving a blowjob to me that she appreciates a stiffness of a cock over its length or girth.

My friend met this woman at a massage parlour for the first time where she worked as a masseuse. She was still in college back then and worked there for an extra buck. Hence, my friend is never surprised by her promiscuity ever and understands it very well that she has been addicted to sex since a very young age and hence it is impossible to live for her without getting a lot of it.

French women don’t like to suck that dick as much as the Chinese women do and those free porn videos are the proof

I have participated in several sexual orgies in the past and let me tell you by my personal experience, that it is one of the worst sexual things that you can do.

If you have never fucked and watch a lot of free porn videos, here is a surprising fact for you, that rockhard big dicks aren’t responsible for tearing down as many pussies as the act of fingering is.

I have a religious friend who believes that we are living in the end times. And one of the prophecies regarding the end times is that the career women will be dressed up as whores while the whores will be naked all the time.

Let me tell you from my personal experience, that a man should never refer to a woman as ‘slut’. Even when she rides like crazy and rides different men all the time.

I lived in the Republic of China for a couple of years of my life and I observed it over and over there that the Chinese men have a very low libido while the Chinese women are just the opposite. I took a great advantage of this situation and fucked those Chinese chicks in doggystyle position all the time. One strange fact about the Chinese women is that they like fucking on the kitchen table over bed. Chinese women believe that drinking sperm slows down the ageing for a woman and that’s why they are always hungry for some.

I personally believe that sex is a lot more than mere biological drive and that’s the reason why they should allow incest at homes, given the condition that proven contraceptive methods are used.

I lived in France for 5 years as well and it was astonishing to see so many young and MILF beauties roaming on the streets of the France all the time. I believe that the secret behind French women’s beauty lies in the fact that there are no mosquitoes there. Unfortunately, the French women don’t seem to like to have sex as much as their Chinese counterparts do, and that’s the prime reason why I didn’t have much of a luck with those French women.

Most Monaco escorts are smarter than an average GP, you just need to meet one to and be wary of not getting addicted

In the August of this year, I met this Monaco escort who told me that she wants to start an escort business of herself that will completely rely upon the donations but says that it seems impossible because of the potential abuse. Says that she is still confused because she wants to serve the people, she told me that it wouldn’t even have been possible for her to think about such a thing in any other country, but because it is Monaco, one of the richest nations on the face of the earth, she could think about such an idea.

This Monaco escort that I mentioned above was also an environmentalist who told me that she donates regularly to different environmental groups including Sierra Club Foundation and American Rivers. She told me that she has driven nothing but drives electric cars since the day she learnt how to drive. She had a degree in Computer Science as well. Along with being a stunning beauty, she was a wonderful person as well and I don’t think that anybody can deny this fact. Looking at how well she manages her time schedule and how many activities she performs within a period of 24 hours, it seemed like she was a mathematician as well.

She knew so many herbs to get rid of the ED, I asked her whether she was a pharmacist or a physician, she replied “All my cousins are physicians including 2 surgeons. I have a habit of learning things and I keep asking them one thing or another through Whatsapp and other mediums and they are always happy to tell.”

Older men watch as much of the free porn videos as their teenage counterparts

I read this story of an ever-horny woman on Reddit last night who wrote that once when coming back from the office to home, she first fucked a total stranger in the bus, then she fucked her brother-in-law after not finding her husband home but her brother-in-law instead and while they were both fucking, the husband came home and joined his wife and brother. The story reminded me of a porn movie I once watched while I was a teenager.

It is my personal observation that nothing costs more than a pussy in the long run, including the old ones, so better let someone enjoy the pussy while you watch free porn videos and enjoy it with your hand, fleshlight or pillow.

I recently met this old man who once got an opportunity from an Eastern European refugee who offered him a nice fuck wherever he wanted to and whenever he wanted to, in exchange for a shelter, he fucked her right there on the street and took her back home. After fucking her regularly for 6 months that he decided to marry her and they both have 4 kids together now. This guy claims to have had a lot of public sex and he always tells me that what’s not good about public sex is that it is extremely addictive, he says that even after getting married, you may want to fuck your spouse only in the streets, it is that addictive.

Another man I met last year told me that loud moans are generally fake and he always doubted that his wife made fake loud sounds while they were both fucking and to confirm it, he once fucked her in the public and she was as silent as a stone.

I spend most of the time in my office chatting with the cam girls and I know that so do you

As pleasurable it is to chat with a fine cam model, equally hard it is to manage and operate an adult live cam chat website. I learnt this after I attempted to have one of mine. It failed drastically and I am not lying when I say that I tried my best to manage it, make it profitable, popular by advertising as much as I could as per my budget. I also hired a couple of guys to check that everything is working well and they did a great job, kudos to those guys and hats-off to the best adult chat sites for tablets that have been able to make it this far in an extremely competitive industry.

If you ask me about what the greatest invention of the past decade is, I am going to answer “Live Cam Chat Websites”. I along with several other users believe that the cam models are very underrated and their services are extremely underpaid as well. I believe that there should be a Hall of Fame for Cam Models as well.

I saw a Governor candidate for one of the US states recently on a live sex cam chat website but there is no way that I am going to tell her name here because I fear the politicians but boy, was she hot without them clothes on.

Before I didn’t chat with the cam models at the office but since the advent of smart phones, I spend most of my time in the office chatting with the cam models and I believe that there is a great possibility about you doing the same if you are a regular reader of my blog.

Experienced escorts in Paris are experts at saving you from having a refractory period

Each of the escort girls that I ever came across till date was an expert in saving the man from feeling the refractory period. One of the MILF Escort Paris told me that she makes the guy’s refractory period longer whom she doesn’t like. These escort ladies let me tell you, know it very well as to how to do the act and at what point make him ejaculate so that he doesn’t feel the refractory period and dizziness that comes with it. These ladies can make you save every drop of your spiritual fluid at their wish and lose only the poisonous one and they can do the opposite as well if you become too rude to them.

The high class female escorts apart from having joy, also work very hard in the gym and not to mention, in the bedroom as well. Surprisingly enough, the quality of an average high class female escort is as good in India, Japan or Thailand as it is in England, France or Germany.

I know a husband and wife couple that have started working as part-time escorts after getting fascinated with the business and learning how much joy and money is hidden in it. Both the husband and wife in this case are wealthy neurosurgeons who drive nothing but Toyotas because they believe that anything that doesn’t last isn’t worth buying. I don’t know what are they going to tell the client of theirs who tell them after hiring them for a couple of hours that what is not yours forever isn’t worth buying. I have been thinking about hiring the wife the next time I am in their city. I am too excited just thinking about my rendezvous with that thick MILF.

Ask your women to replace their cigarette smoking addiction with cock smoking

One of the foremost reasons why it is such a smart decision to marry a woman who is a stunning beauty is that she gets a lot of stares from the strangers on the streets and many times, she is already wet due to the same even before you make your first move on her. If she smokes, she might even give you a smoking blowjob while you rub her already wet pussy with one hand and finger her dirty ass with the fingers of another.

I have dated several marathon racers in my life and while some of those may be really hot, it is never an intelligent thing to date one as they do not get wet as easy and once they do, they don’t stay wet for too long. If you ask me, it is the BBWs that stay wet for the longest.

I have a mechanic friend who says that making an Italian car last forever is harder than it is to keep your wife look young forever.

This mechanic friend of mine refers to 20-40 year old hot women with a hot body as sports cars. Those who are 20-40 year old average looking women as hatchback.

He always tells a story about how when once two chicks failed to pay for his services, he made them wash the cars at his shop in the bikini and made them dance naked in the nearby garden as well. He claims that they did it all without any sort of hesitation and seemed to have enjoyed it thoroughly. He also tried to convince them to have sex with him but they denied it.

Blessed are those who get to fuck Japanese cougars on the regular

I have a friend who claims that the enlightenment cannot be attained without indulging in tantric sexual sessions for hours at a time for months without any break at all.

This friend of mine claims to have slept with several female politicians and their female secretaries, including one Japanese cougar, he says that each of those was a great fuck to say the least.

He is also not ashamed to admit that he has been having an extramarital affair with his mother-in-law since after 6 months of his marriage to his wife. His wife knows about it all and says that it is okay as long as he doesn’t cheat on her with any other woman and keeps satiating his widowed mother-in-law who doesn’t have any other dick to satiate her needs and desires.

Both the husband and wife believe that monogamy is unnatural and openly cheat on each other. He says that why spend $1000 on a cougar escort when you have your sexy mom-in-law, who is willing to do whatever you ask her for. She says that why just ride the one same cock, when you are beautiful enough to get any other that you want, whenever and wherever you want?

This friend of mine loves cars as much as he does women. He has his own terminology to refer to the escorts he fucks. Those who allow only vaginal sex, he refers to them as one door, those who allow blowjob plus vaginal, he refers to them as two door, those who allow blowjob, anal and vaginal, he refers to them as three door.

Porntube websites are the greatest friends of millions, if not billions of lonely men and women around the world

I have a 22 year old nephew who told me recently that he cannot stop fucking since he turned a Darwinist. He says that the belief in evolution has made him believe subconsciously that the more sex he has, the more attractive he will become and he will also be able to father prettier and more fertile babies.

This nephew of mine believes that dinosaurs went extinct because they didn’t have enough sex, which made their popular very low at the first place and another thing that happened with them not having enough sex was that, it decreased their interest in the sex and sexual activities, which made the cells in their body die way too earlier than they should have.

I personally know a weird guy who recently put a lot of glue on his wife’s pussy when going out of the town so that she doesn’t cheat on him. As a result, his wife slapped very hard on his fat facial cheeks multiple times until he took her to a doctor. The doctor told him that he cannot do it and told him about a surgeon who was able to do it but was out of the town. The husband and wife kept roaming around the city looking for a surgeon who could repair the glued pussy without tearing it apart. It took them 7 hours to finally find one such doctor and the moment her pussy was unglued, the piss came out of it like a firehose. Her husband is still skeptical all the time that she cheats on him and whenever he shows a sign that he doubts her loyalty, he gets beaten badly by her.

I have a young millionaire friend who makes regular donations to Porntube websites. He claims that porntube websites used to be his only friend after his parents divorced and he was left with nothing but lonelineness and a big dick that craved action all the time.

Jack off to the black tube porn videos all you can and donate your semen for a good cause

Comparing a stunning Rwandan chick to a stunning Ethiopian chick is like comparing Acura to the Lexus. Like an average Acura, the Rwandan chicks are more fun on the bed along with being reliable but the Ethiopian chicks are a bit better to look at, don’t fuck as freakishly but are more reliable compared to their Rwandan counterparts.

The reason why I made this comparison is the fact that I have been watching nothing but black porn lately on different black tube websites and all I think about all the time is pure black chicks freshly imported from the continent of Africa.

I have a friend who spends hundreds of thousands of dollars on nothing but black female escorts and his obsession, passion and addiction for the black female escorts only seems to grow with time. He claims that he makes those chicks starve for it. Well, if he does then why do they charge him the $$$$?

I recently had a fling with a black chick who told me that uncircumcised dicks are more preferable to her than the circumcised ones.

Well, talk about the circumcision reminded me about the original land of circumcision. One Israeli friend of mine once told me that many of the Israeli female army soldiers spend a couple of years doing nothing but fucking on live sex cams owing to the sexual frustration caused by being in the army out of compulsion.

One Israeli cam model that I was very regular with told me that she was getting divorced. When I asked her the reason, she replied “I never cared about the water supply in my marriage, all that I ever cared about is the semen supply, which a hot woman like me deserves in abundance, but I haven’t been getting any for almost a year now.”

Amazon porn is really more fun than your average porn

I was married once and I always took the risk of getting my wife pregnant but never used condom or asked her to be on the pill, I only used the good pull-out method. Thankfully, it was successful each time.

I have highly sensitive penis glans and I really believe that sensitive penile glans are a symbol of very high IQ.

Although I am pro-masturbation, I really think that the punishment for public masturbation should become stricter.

I really feel very sad for the castrated men and that’s the reason why I keep donating to the charities that work for the welfare of the castrated men.

I personally believe that what makes the eagle the king of the bird kingdom is not its preying skills but it is rather its sexual prowess, the same is the case with the lion. Among the men, anyone with that Scott Hall physique is to be considered a lion and a woman of Ava Koxxx physique is to be considered a lioness, imagine the young Scott Hall and Ava Koxxx fucking together and making a video, it is my dream that they do it. Anyways, there are several tall and strong men and tall and strong women fucking on Amazon Porntube websites which I really relish.

I recently learnt that the pornstars fuck their co-workers backstage all the time, and what is more surprising is that the female pornstars are mostly the ones to initiate the same. These chicks crave action round the clock. I want to be a pornstar myself but I am scared of my Catholic family, neighbors and friends.

With great quality real looking sex dolls in the market, the escort industry is in a danger like never before

I recently met this Arab gentleman who told me that he has fucked each of his Fans Dolls more than all the women that he has married till date combined. He is 46 now and he has married 8 women yet. He told me that these Fans Dolls last longer than a 1990s Toyota Camry. He also told me to only choose the best when it comes to buying a sex doll and not just listen to anybody’s advise.

Some adult magazines are full of advertisements for the sex dolls but those dolls are nothing when compared to the Fans Dolls. You may also try tantric sexual practices, Non-Ejaculatory Sex or Karezza with these Fans Dolls. These are perfect for that very purpose.

Some people have a false notion that you may get injured while using a sex doll. I have talked to hundreds of sex doll fuckers and it has never happened to anyone, it is just a rumor that has no base.

I recently also heard a rumor that a major Japanese automaker wants to get into building sex dolls. I don’t know whether it is true or not and I don’t know either which auto maker it is that wants to get into building sex dolls.

It is a pity that they don’t let you advertise sex dolls in the mainstream media. If they did, then the world would definitely be a happier place. They let you advertise condoms, birth control pills and even viagra but not the sex dolls. Aren’t our governments just plain stupid?

A sex doll is always a better bet for you if you have a ding dong that is 10+ inches long with a huge girth as well. These sex dolls do not cry with pain just like your girlfriend or wife would. They stay as calm as they can be.

I believe that soon enough, there will be mainstream porn videos where the male and the female performers will fuck nothing but the sex dolls. After they are done with creating the Remote Controlled Sex Dolls, they will have the Remote Controlled sex dolls of both genders performing sex on each other.

Never before did we have so many sex dolls at our disposal and never before the world was such a happy place.

I have a sex doll freak friend who owns tons of bodybuilder sex dolls. I recently borrowed his Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution X to enjoy driving a Mitsubishi for the first time in my life and I was surprised to see that the boot of his car was full of big booty sex dolls. Without telling him, I decided to try one of his sex dolls that gave me hard on with just a glimpse and I must say that the inventor of that doll has really innovated the art of making the holes of a sex doll as hot as the sun itself.

One of the best things about fucking a sex doll is that you don’t have to worry about unwanted pregnancy with it.

Some of the sex dolls look so hot that I discovered my neighboring teenagers using their binoculars just to get a glimpse of my Fans Dolls. These guys are true fans of my Fans Dolls. I am not bragging anything but my sex dolls are so sexy that they can give a hard on to the oldest grandpa that you know, with just a glimpse.

One of my good friend’s girlfriend left him because he couldn’t perform tantric sex with her. He has since been fucking his sex doll with ejaculatory session each time. Another friend of mine claims doing tantric sex with his wife has proven to be of enough damage to his health and mind and that’s the reason why he only performs ejaculatory sex now.

Looking at how far the sex doll industry has come, I believe that soon enough, there will be sex dolls that will be able to communicate better than the human beings and they will not be nagging like the women.

Another great thing about using a sex doll is that you don’t have to bother about performing a roleplay before, just get into the pussy first and then cuddle her if you feel like doing it.

I have a MGTOW cousin who drives everywhere with his sex doll sitting next to him. He has stopped fucking escorts, since he got his first sex doll. He says that he unloads himself each night in his sex doll. He does it in her mouth, pussy and ass and he claims that he has never been any happier before.

Another crazy cousin of mine says that it is helluva fun fucking his sex doll in a new hotel/motel room. He checks in a different hotel or motel each weekend where he never stayed before, fucks his sex doll night there and then comes back home. He says that it feels just like enjoying honeymoon for the first time with a new wife.

Fake NoFap Challenger masturbates to Greek porn while his GF is asleep

One of good friend claims that weather has no effect at all on your libido while the other is a great advocate of the claim that weather effects your libido more than the diet.

This friend of mine who claims that the weather has no effect at all on your libido is such a big fan of the wrestler Ultimate Warrior that he let his beloved wife sleep with him just for a selfie and autograph.

This friend of mine also tells me that anybody who tells you that he doesn’t take a wank once in a while is a liar without any doubt. He tells his girlfriend that he is on that NoFap challenge and he doesn’t watch porn or masturbate anymore and when she falls asleep, he starts his ellinikes tsontes adventure until she finally wakes up and then pretend as he is asleep. Once when his girlfriend discovered semen on the bedsheet, he told her that it was shampoo.

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Goa is one of the hottest female escort service destinations in the world. How could Goa compete with Bangkok, Amsterdam and Nevada, you may ask, well, the answer is quite obvious if you are well versed with the world of massage, escorts and hookers. In Thailand, they have those oriental looking girls that do not appeal to everyone and are usually short in height, the ones in Amsterdam are pretty professional and never have drum tight vaginas until and unless they are new to the business and also seem to have a greater ratio of STDs compared to many other hubs, those in Nevada are pretty expensive until and unless you go for a ugly or an old one or both, but in Goa, they have some of the finest beauties from all across the Eurasian Steppe, different parts of India, Russia and Latin America as well.

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