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I personally believe that the adult industry should all become legal in every part of the world, but the governments must turn every adult business into Not-For-Profit Organizations (NGOs) and then only will we be able to see passionate people working for this industry. Well, that’s just my personal belief.

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I recently came across some comments on a James Deen and Alanah Rae porn video where he was punishing Alanah very badly. The theme of the video was punishment and hence it shouldn’t come as a surprise. But what came to me as a surprise was the fact that how the people (all male usernames) mentioned that how much they miss James Deen in the porn. There is a reason why they always used to choose James Deen for such movies. The guy was really abusive and he has been accused of being abusive by more female pornstars than any other including one of my favorites – Nikki Benz. I don’t want to waste my time with talking about the idiot James Deen anymore, let’s talk about something else.

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I personally believe that nobody other than Jesus has been able to live a celibate life in the entire history of mankind. I firmly believe that all the rest who claimed to have lived celibate lives were/are all liars including the apostles, Hindu monks and others.

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I have a Bengali-Indian gigolo friend who used to be a porn addict before choosing the profession of a gigolo. In other words, he chose the profession to replace his porn addiction with sex for money. He doesn’t watch porn anymore but he still jacks off to Bangla Choti Kahini.

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He also claims to have had sex with a female travel journalist in the past in exchange for some secret information.

He loves to write poems and songs about his sex life and women. Here is one of the poems that he wrote when he was struggling with the porn addiction:-

“Easy is to make fun of other men’s ED and small dicks,

Painful is to learn that the same is your case.

Easy is to say that your going to go on NoFap,

Difficult it is to commit yourself.”

Here is a poem that he wrote to compliment the boobs:-

“Boobs give us fresh milk,

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Under the boobs we rest,

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Persecuting boobs we should spare,

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They say enjoy us please,

So we should encourage women to grow bigger tits.”

He claims that once a regular client of his, who is also fond of creating rhyming text, wrote a poem dedicated to dicks, which read as follow:-

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Penis! Penis! You are magic,

You make me happy when I am pink,

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Just last day I read a Reddit comment where the topic for discussion was ‘Is Monogamy natural?” One of the commentators posted that the monogamy is natural for men if and only if their women let them watch and jack-off to their favorite big booty anal videos which they won’t as they feel envious of those perfect butt girls.

Although I get a lot of pussy, head and butt, I still cannot get enough of the porn and wanking. The modern pornstars have really made it impossible for the men to stop watching porn. Although I love POV porn, I believe that VR porn is not the future of the porn industry and they should come up with something new that will be able to give men and women goosebumps just like the arrival of the free tube websites did back in the early 2000s.

Many of my friends tell me that they feel guilty after taking a wank but they don’t feel any guilt after fucking a pussy. Although I cannot relate with them, I always have the same advice to give to them and that advice is that they should all get circumcised because there is no possibility for a man with balls to stop taking a regular wank in these modern times when there are more beautiful girls always around you than ever before wearing more skimpy clothes than women ever did in the recorded history. The things are more difficult if you work at a office where most of your co-workers are pretty angels with big ass and bust or you work from home where you have access to all the porn available for free on the internet. Whatever the case maybe, the only solution to not wanking is to get circumcised.

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Mr Rosenberg is a self-made multi-millionaire who loves to live his life to the fullest and this is evident from his expensive limousines, speedboats and Italian sports cars.

Until about a couple of years ago, Mr Rosenberg used to be addicted to the porn and his all time favorite pornstar used to be Mindi Mink. Mr Rosenberg thought that it was a good idea to marry a woman who just looks like Mindi Mink in order to get rid of addiction, in other words he wanted to replace his addiction to porn with passionate sex with his wife, which I believe will sound to most like a bulletproof idea but as they say that it is always easier said than done. Mr Rosenberg successfully found a woman 8 years younger to him who looked just like the classy and sassy pornstar – Mindi Mink.

As you may already know, like an intelligent gentleman, Mr Rosenberg didn’t ever said a word to his wife about his past addiction to porn and he was certain that he will never be back to his past addiction but unfortunately, after the honeymoon period was over, Mr Rosenberg fell back to his old addiction and it all resumed when once Mrs Rosenberg was away on a business trip and Mr Rosenberg couldn’t resist the urge to watch a naked woman. Mr Rosenberg was confused whether he should hire a prostitute instead because his inner-self knew that if he watches it once, he is going to watch it again and ultimately, he will again be the porn-junkie Rosenberg but he also didn’t want to cheat on his wife, so he decided to watch porn and ultimately, within a matter of 2 weeks, he again became the porn-wanker he used to be. After a few more weeks, Mrs Rosenberg found her husband watching porn and masturbating, Mrs Rosenberg decided to talk to him and ask why is watching porn and wanking to it whereas he knows he already knows that his beautiful and sexy wife has been starving for weeks for a dick. Mr Rosenberg told his wife everything and after that Mrs Rosenberg decided to do something so genius that it will perhaps shake you. Mrs Rosenberg said to her ex-wanker husband that being a daughter of a psychologist she knows that it is not possible to stop an addiction altogether but it can be replaced with something healthy and with the help of someone sensible like herself.

Mrs Rosenberg’s idea was that they should stay together as much as they can and perform on 777lifecams whenever they are together, Mr Rosenberg first resisted but finally agreed. It has been over a year and Mr Rosenberg is more than happy to have found such a wonderful wife who really took care of his addiction, he hasn’t watched a single porn video since they both started performing on sex cams. They are also one of the richest couples that perform sexual activities on live cams.

This Margao Goa escort owns a successful genital warts removal company

There is a new product introduced almost every 5 days that the sellers claim will battle one-on-one with your genital warts and win in the end making those ugly genital warts disappear forever.Most of these products are totally useless and some are useful but in addition very painful too. You need to find the right product for yourself and that’s exactly what I can help you with here on my blog. I help you find the right product all the time through my little beautiful blog. Several guys and girls who learnt about this product are running popular vlogs and you can see in the comment section as well on their vlogs that how many people are being helped by this product.

The product is not something that only the ones who own a couple of luxury cars only can afford. Some scammers are offering super-expensive products for warts treatment. Those products never work. The one that I am talking about here is one of the cheapest products for warts treatment available in the market. This product is not something that has been featured on the QVC or on As Seen on TV but it is giving the whole QVC and As Seen on TV combined a run for their money when it comes to the sales amount. The main business for this product comes through the word of mouth. This post can also be considered a type of word of mouth and the Vlogs explaining how much this product has benefited them is also a form of word of mouth, the people commenting beneath the vlogs also telling you how much this product helped them is also a form of word of mouth. It takes courage for someone to tell the whole world that they were suffering from genital warts and now they are free from it. It is not a joke to openly come out and tell stuff like this. Genital warts are caused by a virus that is transmitted sexually and getting to know how to get rid of genital warts wasn’t among an easy task either. The man who discovered the foolproof way of curing those ugly little monsters is a genius and he has been using his brain for only the good of the people. We must all applause his efforts and if you are suffering from the genital warts then give it a go and thank me later.

I even know a Margao Goa escort who has her own genital warts cream company. It is a pretty successful company just like the agency she works with is.

Replace your cigarette addiction with video games and escorts addiction

Joshua is a 27 year young all American man who had been trying to quit cigarettes for too long. Joshua got into the cigarette smoking while he was a teenager. He was introduced to it by a friend of his. Joshua knew it was bad, but to look good to his friends and he also thought he would look stylish to the girls if he smokes.

When Joshua started, he didn’t think that he will one day be addicted to it. He didn’t believe that he was an addict until he was 25, he thought that he can stop smoking whenever he wants to. Was he wrong?

He started to end his smoking addiction when he was 25, but the withdrawal symptoms would get him each time. Joshua was getting tired of this now. When Joshua was 26 and a few months, he was too close to get there and started to watch movies as a pass time. After a while, he noticed that his work performance was getting worse instead of getting better, he thought that his work performance was good because he smoked and most of the successful people he saw on the television, the celebrities, the successful business people, etc, they all smoke and that’s one of the reasons why they get there, so Joshua started smoking again.

This time after reaching the age of 27 years and 6 months, Joshua felt like quitting once and forever. He knew that he wouldn’t be able to quit smoking if he doesn’t replace his smoking addiction with a harmless one. He closed his eyes and went back in time to see what is it that he could do to make him quit smoking once and for all, he noticed that he used to be a video game addict until he was 15, he said to himself that he should buy the best gaming laptop under 1000 for himself and start playing video game instead whenever the urge to smoke arises. He did the same, and now after 3 months of doing this, the urge to smoke doesn’t even arise in him. Joshua says that he is now clean forever.

He even hired some Ponda escorts while he was in Goa and says that it helped as well.

Texas man likes his radar detectors and escorts to be the best

Rae is a 26 year old young and energetic man. Rae doesn’t like to drive his car like parasites on the highway. Rae is a single man who drives his black Porsche Cayman like a rocket. Rae lives in Texas and every time he reaches his destination, he thanks God and the best radar detector for money he bought. Just like his radar detectors, Rae loves his women to be the best, especially when he is out of his hometown, like he was in Goa recently and he hired the best Palolem escorts there.

Things weren’t like this always, there were times when Rae would drive like a sloth and always follow the speed rules. When Rae finally got rich after a 5 year of constant struggle, he bought himself a Porsche Cayman. He couldn’t enjoy his Porsche Cayman fully due to the speed rules everywhere in Texas. He then one day stumbled upon a thing called radar detector on the Reddit.

Rae first couldn’t believe his eyes that such a thing could exist. “He was amazed” wouldn’t be the right term to describe his feeling at the time. Rae was first scared to buy one because he feared that it might be a trap by the feds. Next day when he was driving his Porsche Cayman at dead slow speed, he said to himself “enough is enough, I am going to buy the best radar detector that is available in the market today.” Rae didn’t wait for a minute and started looking for the best radar detectors online. He bought one through the Amazon, and it arrived to him the very next day. Since then, Rae is happier than ever before with his life and he doesn’t mind living in Texas anymore. He is enjoying his life to the fullest with his black Porsche Cayman and the radar detector.

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With the new French streaming websites, it is not the obvious viral videos that are interesting. French streaming websites have gone too far with the latest technology. This is where you find the largest number of streaming videos on the internet, second only to the English streaming websites.

The topmost French streaming websites get these 2 things spot on, first, the videos are high quality enough to make you feel that 2018 is really into something , second, the videos load fast enough so you never have to wait for it.

These French streaming websites are also a great way to learn the French language. It becomes so entertaining and easier to learn a language using streaming websites, you just have to get the hold of it. Some people have become too addicted to the streaming websites that they are confused whether they need a treatment. They don’t need a treatment, they just need to find some other hobbies as well.

I enjoyed the services of a French lady in Goa who worked as an escort in Bambolim Goa, with the French I learnt with those French streaming websites.

I have suggested many people before to only watch streaming websites of other language that they speak in order to learn a new language. I myself learnt a lot of French watching French streaming websites. Could you imagine about such websites about 30 years ago? You can learn any language that you want to, just with a matter of clicks. Watch your favorite episodes or movies and get to learn a new language simultaneously.

Goa has some of the best massage service parlours on the face of the earth

Gone are the days when the taxi drivers used to rob you of your money when you used to arrive at the airport and hired a taxi. This is 2018 baby and airport transfer services are literally everywhere, but still you need to find the right one for you. There was a time when the taxi drivers used to throw so many tantrums on the passengers, but those days are over now.

One of my friends is a very popular vascular surgeon. He travels from one country to another at least thrice a month. He tells me how easy it has become for him since the arrival of airport transfer services. He first used to hesitate going to other countries due to several factors and hiring rude taxis was on the top of his list. The best experience he ever had was with Goa Airport Taxi. He told me that the driver was so polite and everything was taken very good care of.

He says that whenever he visits Goa, he hires the same airport taxi service. It is amazing how things have changed in the recent past when it comes to the taxi services.

In India, they have some of the best taxi services and Goa has the best of them all. With all those massage parlours in Goa, it is heaven on earth.

My mom gave me 30k last month to enjoy a vacation in Calangute, Goa

My mother had always been a homemaker until my father’s and my business started suffering the losses. Me and my father would never tell her about our losses but she somehow knew it. She would look for the ways to make money online all the time without telling anyone about it.

She tried almost everything that she could find on the internet. She tried survey jobs, she tried captcha jobs, she tried blogging, she did freelancing also. No job was bringing in even enough to pay the electricity, computer depreciation and internet bill that it was generating. My mother didn’t tell anyone that she has been trying her hand making some money online because she didn’t wanna be discouraged from it.

One day she discovered about Google Scraper. The idea looked too good to her. She wanted to know more about it and started looking out more information on it. When she found an appropriate subreddit to discuss about it, she saw that proxies is what the scrapers talk about all the time. They think of the proxies while sleeping, they dream about buying it cheap, they dream about buying it bulk. She also learnt several full-time internet marketers who have given upon scraping because of the headache that these proxies managing bring in.

The funny thing is that she didn’t even know what a proxy is at that time. She looked for more information about it and she is a kind of a lady that doesn’t give up. She then looked for someone who can take care of the proxies and stuff. She found out a company that claimed they will take care of it all and she made a deal with them. She has made over 72k US Dollar in the past 9 months with using this technique. God Bless my mother!

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Chinese factory owners can’t seem to get enough of hiring hot independent Candolim escort girls

Do you know where most of the aluminium car toys are made today? Even if you possess a little bit of knowledge about the business world you already know the answer to the question and the answer is Republic of China (RAC). Most aluminum die casting factories are located in the major cities of China today.

These Chinese factory owners love to spend their time and relaxation time with hot Candolim independent escorts which is an irony as India and Indians are supposed to be their greatest competition.

If you are somehow in an industry that requires diecasting or something related and you are getting it done in your own country and your own country is located somewhere in the America or Europe, need I say that you are already running into losses?

Even giants like Mattel and Diecast had to move their operations to China in order to survive. As Darwin said that the only those species will survive that are able to change according to time and same is the case with the industries. Those who refuse to drop their old dogmas and blind nationalism go extinct.

Most popular Russian models working at Delhi’s Nuru Massage Parlours

The GDP per capita of India is only US Dollar 1709 per capita per year, but would you believe me if I tell you that NuFace products that NuFace Facial Toning Device is being sold there by the resellers for as much as US $500 and ladies are buying it like crazy.

If you are well-versed with countries like India, it should come as no surprise to you that there is a great inequality there when it comes to the income of the people. The elite of that country makes bank there and includes some of the richest people on earth like Mukesh Ambani while the poor is among the poorest of all. The riches of them have established Russian models providing them Nuru Massage Delhi Services, while the poor doesn’t have the money to buy a condom.

It would come to you as no surprise if the rich women of countries like India buy NuFace Facial Toning Device but the middle class women too are spending all their savings on this one product. Can you imagine the power of word of mouth? You don’t need another sales tactic if your product is good enough in itself. The people will appreciate and compliment it everywhere and tell others about it just like in the case of NuFace Facial Toning Device.

World has become a global village, some even go as far as calling it a global street, and on this global street, if you manufacture and sell a wonderful product in the UK, the word will soon be all over the USA about it in a matter of months. If you sell a wonderful product in China, the world will be all over the Asia within a matter of months as well.

Business people and industrialists were so anxious and nervous about how things are going to work when the world becomes a global village and to their surprise they are finding that they are better than ever, especially if your product is much better than your competitors’.